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Yachtmaster Conversion Power



Yachtmaster Conversion from Sail to Power

If you hold a Yachtmaster Sail Certificate and you want to convert it to Power, you must pass a practical exam on a motor boat approved by the RYA.

The Yachtmaster conversion preparation for the exam is 1 day, and the exam lasts approximately 3 hours.

During this day, it will be important to get to know the other members of the crew, because you will be a team work for this exam. It’s also important to get familiar with the vessel used for the exam. It’s for this reason that even with experience for this exam, the examiner must verify if you are ready to do the exam.

The examiner will ask for tasks form the syllabus, but we will focus mainly on the most differentiated sections that are taught in a motor boat, maneuvers, passage plan, radar, ect…

The requirements that must be met to be able to take the Yachtmaster conversion exam are that the miles of experience have been done in a boat with similar characteristics and during the last 10 years.

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