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RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Online


You will learn how to find your position by the moon, stars and planets although the course covers weather, passage planning, watch keeping and much more. The course is fully animated and when you answer a question you will get immediate feedback.


The courses are taught by Skippers Online, a center recognized by RYA for specialized courses in online courses.

Conditions and requirements

Price includes:

  • RYA online assessment and certificate.
  • RYA practice navigation tables access to the Navathome Ocean Yachtmaster theory notes
  • Feedback and help from our instructors for 18 hours a day seven days a week.


Course topics include:    

  • The earth and the celestial sphere
  • Practical guide to use and care of sextant at sea
  • Meridian altitudes
  • Sun, star and other sights
  • Ocean passage plannin

Duration: The course can be completed in 50 hours.

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